Inara Hasanova Landshaft

My name is Inara Hasanova. I graduated as an Architect from the Technical University of Budapest and completed my studies in Barcelona with the Master Programme in Landscape Architecture. Since 1999 I work in Catalonia, designing and coordinating the construction of gardens and other outdoor areas.  

Landshaft was founded in 2005. Our team includes highly qualified professionals specialized in garden construction, and related installations, as well as craftsmen and artists. Together, we carry out attractive and functional landscape projects of parks, gardens, terraces, green roofs and green facades, as well as play and sport grounds.

We develop the entire project and design all the particular details of the garden: pergola, swimming pool, water garden, outdoor lighting and automatic watering systems… all these garden features and installments are designed according to the specific conditions of each plot.

Plants are the most important element of a landscape project. We choose them with great care according to the project, bearing in mind the microclimate, the type of soil and the light conditions, so that the whole plant ensemble not only looks attractive, but also works as a logic ecosystem. Landshaft works with the reputable nurseries of native plants all over Spain and neighbour France and with a number of exotic specimens’ importers.

Landshaft, above all, is devoted to working in close collaboration with its clients. We strive to combine our experience and technical knowledge with the client’s own ideas of the world. And by devising projects in such a way, we create a very special space to live, to imagine and to make dreams come true.